Religious ceremony


Due to Portugal's religious background, it is only natural to find very beautiful Churches in the Algarve. Some of them are small and simple whereas others are bigger and more elaborated in religious art work. The Catholic wedding ceremonies are always celebrated in the Churches, not on location and there are English-speaking priests in the Algarve.

Church of England

There are several English-speaking Vicars in the Algarve that are able to perform weddings on location as well as in a Catholic Church, with the agreement of the Catholic Priest. The Vicars personalize the ceremony for each couple, therefore you are able to choose and decide on some of the parts of the ceremony, in accordance to your beliefs and personal taste.


We advise that you bring your Rabi with you. We do have a Rabi that will perform a blessing ceremony but only if both parties are devout Jews. For couples that are mixed religions, we recommend that you have a Humanist/Symbolic ceremony that will allow you to customize your vows and add elements of both religions as part of your ceremony.

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