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Linda & Liam Tierney

Sonho a Dois – A detailed review. Like you are doing now, my then finance and I were researching wedding planners in the Algarve trying to determine which company was best to go with for planning and organising one of the most important days of our lives. When we looked at the endless five out of five-star reviews we thought – could they be this good? In actual fact they were better. Brief background on our situation – we are an Irish couple, living in Australia who had never been to Portugal before. Put simply we didn’t know where to begin. Having decided on Sonho a Dois we sent an email to introduce ourselves and gather information on their services and advice on what our options were. It was at this point we were introduced to the wonderful Sandra! From the outset, prior to any contract or formal commitment, Sandra provided all the information we could possibly ask for regarding the wedding process in Portugal, possible venue options, legal requirements, outline of estimated costs and all other information that we requested. After appointing Sandra we then decided on a venue and a date. From then on we were in constant contact with Sandra over many, many months and there was never a time where she wasn’t available to answer any of our queries or concerns. Whilst we manly communicated via email there were numerous times we had a Skype session together and these sometimes lasted close to two hours! For the entire process, Sandra provide us with options for every possible aspect of the wedding. From menu, flowers, photographer, videographer, band, transport, hair & makeup, babysitter, décor, registrar, timings…….. you name it – Sandra had an option to choose and more importantly had it covered once decided and made sure it was as planned on the day. Once my fiancé and I finally arrived in Portugal Sandra met with us, drove us for almost 3 hours to get all of our legal requirements submitted and then took us to the venue to ensure we were happy with every possible aspect of the big day. I am normally quite a detail orientated type of person and plan things extensively (wife would call this being a control freak!) but after the months of planning with Sandra and the day preceding the wedding visiting the venue etc, I can safely say that I was calm on the day of the wedding as I knew that Sandra had everything managed down to a tee and all there was left to do was simply enjoy the day – which we did! To put into perspective how dedicated Sandra was, on the day of the wedding she arrived at our villa with the flowers, ensured the groom was looked after at the hotel, accompanied the bridal party to the venue, had a colleague welcome our guests, ushered guests within the venue, stayed until the wedding finished (3am) ensuring guests got buses and taxis ok and then drove the groom and bride back to their hotel! Even the next day Sandra was able to help us organise an after party bbq at another venue. We did not expect in the slightest for her to also come to this but she did and even liaised with the staff to ensure the food was served at the correct time! A few words about Sandra as a person – Sandra is clearly very well suited to her profession. She is dedicated and passionate to her clients and has a genuine longing to do all that she can to make your wedding day dream a reality. By the end of our wedding week my wife and I felt that Sandra was as invested in our happiness as any of our closest family and friends. She is such a wonderful person and we are so thankful that she was able to be a part of our day. In summary, stop looking at reviews! If you are considering an Algarve wedding Sonho a Dois will provide you complete satisfaction and make the planning of your wedding hassle free and enjoyable! - Liam & Linda Tierney ❤️

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