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Tom & Liana

Superstars!!!! If you decide to get married in the Algarve, Sonho a Dois are your planners to go for. They are AMAZING! Our wedding planner Joana was a sensational, we first started dealing with Sonho back in January 2020, we were due to meet them at their annual wedding fare in Manchester however could not make it. We put a lot of faith in Joana with several video calls, emails, text messages organising our wedding without evening meeting face to face until we got married in October 2021. Joana’s communication was brilliant, her patience, caring nature, attention to detail and passion was amazing. She did not only organise 1 wedding she organised 3 (due to COVID)! Joana was our main planner, however, we also dealt with Carla and Noelle and these were also fabulous, we will be forever grateful for all their help on an unforeseen circumstance and being exceptionally professional and guiding us throughout. Joana, wasn’t just our planner, we also built a good relationship with her, where we truly feel we have made a friend. We had no expectation for our day because of the pandemic and she blew our mind, every little detail she went to on our décor was beautiful. I don’t think planning the wedding would’ve been as easy as it was without Joana, she is truly a special lady who helps your dreams come true. Thank you all again, you ladies are all SUPERSTARS!!

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