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Kelly and Ross

We are just back in Dublin from our Easter wedding in the Algarve and could not have been happier with the way our week there went. From the start of our contact with them Carla and Noelia were so warm, informative, prompt and professional that we had no worries at all about organising a wedding in Portugal from Ireland. Our wedding was very small (immediate family) and we did not make a trip to Portugal prior to the event but by using the services of Carla and Noelia everything worked out perfectly. From when we landed and Carla took us to the registry office right through to after the ceremony they were amazing. We never felt as though because our wedding was so small it was less important, in fact Sonho a Dois went out of their way to ensure we were happy with everything. We spent most of our time with Carla and she truly is a joy to work with, warm and fun to be around yet so organised and professional we felt in safe hands. Our wedding day went off without a hitch, we loved our makeup artist and photographer and every detail we wanted was provided. It was completely stress free even with our 13 month old daughter as flower girl :) We can't say enough how grateful we are to Sonho a Dois and how we would have been lost without them! If you are thinking of a wedding in the Algarve then take our word for it, you should definitely use the services of these girls, they are amazing! x

Gillian an Eoin

We have just been looking at our wedding photos and they bring back so many beautiful memories of our wedding in Portugal in September 2011. It was around this time last year that we decided to get married in Portugal and flew over to meet Noelia and Carla of Sonho a Dois. I scrolled through WOL looking for the right wedding planners for us and when I came across the website of Sonho a Dois I began to feel that they could be the right ones for us. When I emailed Noelia and Carla and received their first reply, I knew that these were the people we wanted to work with in creating our Big Day. Eoin and I always knew that we would get married abroad however because Eoins Dad was unable to travel to Portugal, we had a celebration here in Galway and we had a civil ceremony in the Registry office here. That meant that we didn’t have to do the legal bit over in Portugal. When I described the type of day and setting we were looking for, Noelia and Carla sent us lots of different options which included hotels, cliff tops, beaches but the wedding we wanted was to be in a garden with a marquee. So we travelled to The Algarve January 2011 to look at the venues. Arriving into the airport we were both feeling quite nervous as we had never met Noelia and Carla and had really only got to know them through emails. We were put at ease straight away with the typical Portuguese greeting of a kiss on both cheeks and off we went to the first venue with lunch afterwards. We chatted easily with the girls and I felt really happy that we were in safe hands! We spent 5 days out there looking at everything from venues to table settings. The girls even took me shopping for a wedding dress! When we arrived at Quinta das Figuieras near Montcarapacho I knew by the feeling in my heart and the look on Eoins face that this is where we would have our wedding. Even though it was a wet day in Portugal, we could really see the potential for a fabulous day. The garden was the perfect size for a small wedding. Sixty people travelled over for our wedding. We were shown different pictures of all the colour schemes the marquee had at previous weddings. We looked at menus and saw pictures of all the lovely food that Joao and his team created. When we left Figuieras and got back into the car, I felt so excited that we had finally found a place we both loved. That evening Eoin and I discussed the different venues and the only downfall of Figuieras was that it is 25 mins from the town of Vilamoura where we were planning to stay. But we didn’t let that get in the way. The girls were able to give us all the details we needed for buses and cars to and from the wedding. When we got home, I couldn’t wait to get cracking on the wedding invites. We had decided to get a caricature done of the two of us and put that on the invitation front. I found and got in touch with Drew who did a brilliant caricature of us and put in any detail we asked for. He made any changes we weren’t happy with. I did up a brochure of all the details people would need to travel to Portugal including stuff like airlines and airports to fly into, the meeting point of the bus, accomodation choices and just a little bit of info about the town of Vilamoura itself. We had also decided that with our budget we could have a bbq there so I included all that information too. We got great feedback from the invites and people were happy with all the info so I definitely would recommend putting in an information sheet for guests. It really meant that people weren’t ringing us with different questions. We also included contact details for Noelia and Carla so that people could get in touch with them too. Lots of the guests commented in the lead up to the wedding on how helpful andf friendly the girls were. It was so lovely for us aswell that people got to know them a bit and they got to know some of the guests. We took another trip to Portugal in April to do a food tasting, choose the cake and finalise table settings and centre pieces and of course one of the important aspects for us The Music. We had trawled the internet looking at bands of all different shapes and sizes. We had checked them on youtube but none were really standing out to us. So when we went back in April Noelia and Carla insisted that we go to see Twinflames playing. Now I have to say that we saw some clips of them on youtube and we didn’t really think that they were for us. We had both expressed this to the girls but they really insisted that we go. They even collected us in Vilamoura one night and brought us to see them in Albufeira where they were playing a gig. Well, to say that we were blown away by them would be an understatement. When Nicole and Tiago came out on stage and Nicole began singing her first song, I was almost in tears and I just looked at Eoin and he gave me the thumbs up and I looked at the girls and said thank you so much for making us come and see them. Both Nicole and Tiago are so talented and brilliant at what they do.And we were just thrilled that they were available the day of our wedding. We were two happy campers going back to Dublin as we had got through so much of the preparations in the few days. That is the great thing about Noelia and Carla, when you go over to meet them, they get straight into it, and they have all bases covered. They have appointments booked, arrangements made to meet people and alongside all of the hard stuff, there was just so much fun too. We laughed the whole time we were with them. They are both just so lovely to work with. Along with all these preparations, the dress was also being organised. I got my dress made by Sarah Foy Design in Clontarf. I had seen a picture on the internet and really loved the dress but it was very expensive so I decided to see if I could get it made for less. And I could. Sarah did a brilliant job on the dress. I was a bit of a stickler when it came to the colour as I wanted it to be a warm honey colour and every sample Sarah came with that I said no to, she just went off looking again. Sarah ended up going to London to get it and the colour she got was spot on. The dress was made exactly how I wanted it to be and the great thing was that it was a tailor made dress for me. I would highly reccommend getting a dress made because you don’t need as much time as if you were ordering it in a shop and also it’s just so much more personal. When the time finally came to go to Portugal we were just so excited. We flew over on a Saturday and I had my dress in my hand luggage along with Eoins suit. Anything that we could not do without on the wedding day went into the hand luggage and it just meant that we weren’t worrying about losing a bag! In the run up to the wedding there was great excitement. There were new guests arriving everyday into Vilamoura and it just made it so much fun. All of the guests had chosen to stay in Vilamoura and I have to say that everybody said what a lovely place it was and the thing about it is that there is something for everyone. Whether its a fancy hotel or apartment or cheap n cheerful, there was something to suit everyone’s needs. Noelia and Carla checked in with us everyday and brought us to the venue to do a run through beforehand. We had our friend say the ceremony and another friend do the music for us so we were lucky that it was small and intimate.My best friend read a beautiful poem during the ceremony which I had left for her to pick. Its amazing how people really get involved and enjoy being a part of your wedding day. There was no need for a major rehearsal. The girls rechecked everything with us and made sure that we had nothing to worry about on the day except getting ourselves dressed. On the day of the wedding(Friday 16th) myself mam and my sister who was also my wonderful bridesmaid had our hair done in the hairdressers underneath the Tivloi hotel on the Marina. We met the videographer Fernando but really after a while didn’t notice he was there. He just blended in and that was exactly what we wanted. Nickie from Blush photography met us at the apartment and again she just went with the flow and didn’t put any pressure on us at all. We had asked for natural shots and nothing too posey and that was exactly how the day went. When everyone left the apartment(except dad and sis) the photgrapher and videographer got lots of lovely snaps of the guests around the marina getting ready to go on the coach to Figuieras. There was also a minibus for the kids with safety seats so no worries there. I was collected by car along with dad and sis and we headed off to Figuieras. I was so nervous. So much thought and effort goes into your wedding day and I just wanted it all to go so well. The ceremony went beautifully and afterwards the guests had drinks and canapes while photos were being taken. Myself and Eoin snuck out for some couple shots while the guests enjoyed the Sangria. We sat down to dinner at around 6pm and had the speeches etc before the meal. The food itself was yummy. There was cataplana(traditional fish stew) for the fish course and beef for the meat course. The food was great and after the 4-course meal, a buffet was put on. There was lots of uneaten food which was the only thing I was sorry about. The food in the buffet was endless, everything from meat, to cheese, prawns to salads and every dessert you can think of! I think people were too busy taking advantage of the free bar! We had the cutting of the cake on a bridge at the end of the garden and it was lovely because everyone got involved waving a sparkler or two and having a toast of champagne with us. It was really a gorgeous way to do the cutting of the cake. From about 9pm Twinflames were playing and we had our first dance. We had requested a Paola Nutini song and we were nervous that they would find it difficult as its quite fast but no, they did a brilliant job of it. The guests were on the dancefloor all night long and so much fun was had by all. We got some great pics of all the moves! Everybody complimented Twinflames on there brilliant performance and people just kept asking us, where did ye find them? Well we had Noelia and Carla to thank for that. They truly know their clients and they knew what we wanted from listening to us and they made sure that we had the best band in the Algarve playing at our wedding. As the night went on, being an Irish wedding even in Portugal there was an oul sing song which lasted until the coach arrived to collect us. We were all dropped off at the Marina, right beside a taxi rank for those unable to make the walk home! We also arranged two minibuses leaving earlier in the night for guests who wanted to finish up at a reasonable hour! On the Sunday we had a bbq which was really another great day out. We had booked the coach to collect us all at 4pm on the Marina but when we realised that Dublin were playing in the All Ireland Final we had to change the time. Noelia and Carla sorted it straight away with no problem. They are both just so flexible and really make you feel at ease to change things if your unsure or if something comes up at the last minute. The bbq took place in Quinta da Pomona and I have to say it was just so enjoyable. The setting is fabulous, in an orange orchard and its very traditional. The music was great and we just danced the night away. Again we took a coach back and we sang all the way back. The driver even put on a karaoke which was hilarious and instead of dancing in the streets we were dancing in the ailes of the bus! As the week had begun with it being somebody’s first night every night, the week ended with it being somebody’s last night. We partied and celebrated every night and really had such a great time. It is such an amazing thing when people plan their holiday around your wedding and when all your friends and family come together in one place for a week or a few nights to be there with you and to celebrate such an important moment in your life and I have to say that it was truly a memorable experience. If I could, I would do it all again next year! I just want to say at this point that if anybody is planning to get married in Portugal I would really reccommend Sonho a Dois. Noelia and Carla are two honest, hardworking people who will treat your wedding as though it was their own. Even if I said I was happy with something and they felt that I wasn’t, they would call me or email me or in Portugal go for a coffee and ask us how sure we were about this or that. They have great instinct and they want the best for their clients. They will never take the easiest option, they only want the option that you are happy with. If you are looking for a planner who will treat your wedding like it is the most important day of their life well then I really recommend Noelia and Carla. To Noelia and Carla, thanks you both so much for making not just our day but our whole wedding experience such an amazing one. Beijinhos from Gillian and Eoin

Robbie & Louise

We recently used the services of Sonha a Dois for our wedding in Lagos in the Western Algarve, Portugal and we could not be happier. We met with a couple of other Algarve Wedding Planners before Sonha a Dois and although we were thinking about using them, we felt they were restrictive in some areas. We felt that we would be obliged to use certain suppliers of services like a specific band or photographer and we were not very comfortable about this. From the start Noelia & Carla of Sonha a Dois were so easy to deal with. Upon contacting them, they promtly replied and asked us the type of Wedding we would like to have. No stone was left unturned on the details on what we wanted for our big day. We then arranged to fly over to The Algarve to meet with them, visit various venues and discuss all the possible options. The girls were very friendly and welcoming and had prepared a detailed dossier of all the prospective venues and our timetable for the next two days. As we travelled around with them to the different venues we were full of questions. They had a great knowledge of everywhere that we visited and gave us as much information as we needed to make our decision. Upon our return home we were undecided between two venues. Many more emails and questions later and we finally decided on Duna beach Club on Meia Praia in Lagos with the ceremony on the beach. it was exactly the type of place we were looking for. From then on it was a case of arranging all the finer details of flowers, Transport, Music, menu choice. Any requests, questions or issues were responded to very promptly. Noelia & Carla are very efficient at what they do. At no point was there any frustration on our end as everything was dealt with in a highly professional manner. There were many occasions where we were very indecisive on many aspects of the planning and exactly what we wanted. The ladies were always very patient with us and gently nudged us towards getting those last decisions made and getting everything in place. The day itself went off without a hitch and was amazing from start to finish. We hadn't told our guests the exact location of the venue and that we were getting married on the beach, so it was all a great supsrise for them when they arrived at Duna Beach with the lovely views out to sea. Noelia & Carla had been around our hotel since early morning making sure everything was ok. They were on hand for the entire day and night to ensure everything ran like clockwork and did not leave the beach club until the last guest did (sometime around 5am!!!) We were so happy at the end of the night and so many guests remarked on how great the day had been. The next evening we all boarded buses for an evening of entertainment at Pomona which was set in the grounds of an orange grove near the beautiful town of Silves. The planners were with us all the way again. We had a fantastic evening of great food and entertainment of a band, Fado singing, and traditional Portuguese dancing. The guests were once again amazed and delighted with the evening saying it was perfect for the day after the Wedding. The Ladies wer on hand all night to make sure everything went like clockwork again (which it did) Everyone was very impressed how everything was organized over the two days with many guests saying it was the best Wedding they were ever at. We can highly recommend the services of Sonha a Dois. Noelia & Carla are very proud of the Algarve and what it has to offer and it shows it how they do their jobs. They were very professional from start to finish and made us feel very comfortable that they would be able to deliver and they did. There are many Wedding Planners in the algarve, but we feel that these guys really care about what they do and make the whole process feel very personal. Robbie & Louise

Collette and Lonnie Smith

We would like to say a BIG thankyou to Noelia and Carla for making our wedding day so special. Noelia made every thing run smoothly and nothing was too much trouble for her. We had a fantastic day from beginning to end. All of our 70 guests have said what a great day they had and how nice everything was. Thankyou thankyou for all your hard work. Luv Collette and Lonnie and a special thankyou from Audrey x

Nancy & Jorg

01/10/11. We can't recommend Noelia and Carla (Sonho a Dois) high enough! the girls are one of the kindest and nicest people we've known. They are very friendly and make you feel comfortable from the beginning. They take their time to get to know their couples and none of our requests or questions where too much for them. They are very capable in everything that's requested and had help made our day one of the most special days in our lives. The girls really make you feel their only and most special couple! We are so grateful and feel so lucky to have found them!

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